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Judge Pemberton is a registered nurse of thirty-two years, an attorney for seventeen years and currently a district court Judge in Guilford County since 2021. She is running for re-election in the primaries in March, 2024 and would truly appreciate your support for re-election.

As promised during her 2020 campaign, every defendant who entered her courtroom are given the opportunity to be heard and are treated fairly without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background.

She consistently renders verdicts with impartiality and equality and applies the law with knowledge and competence and ensures that the rights of the litigants are protected.

She extends justice with compassion and is known to granted financial relief to defendants when aporopriate to prevent severe financial burden or caused them to be hauled back into court for none compliance with court cost and fees.

Guilford County deserves a judge who continues to be committed to the people, who is an advocate for justice, and although tough on crimes is fair and compassionate.

Service to the people does not stop in the courtroom. Judge Pemberton is a member of many associations within Guilfiord County including:

The NAACP; The Gate City Alumni Chapter/A&T; NCCU Greensboro Alumni; African American Caucus;

National Council of Negro women-Greensboro Chapter; Greensboro Bar Association; Guilford County Black Lawyers Assoc.;Democratic Women of Guilford County;

National League of Women Voters; North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc-Beta Nu Zeta Chapter.

Judge Pemberton strongly believes in serving her community inside and outside the courtroom and spends her time outside the courtroom volunteering and giving back to the community.

In Memory of her late son Brian, she created THE BRIAN PEMBERTON CHRISTMAS PROJECT which sponsors children from single parent homes for Summer camps, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Judge Pemberton also created the support group MOTHERS OF MISSING SOULS (MOMS) for mothers who have lost a child.

Explore her website to learn more about Judge Pemberton

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