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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

John Nieman has worked in the Guilford County Public Defender's office for many years. Recently he was voted by his peers to become the next Chief Public Defender for Guilford County upon the retirement of Fred Lind.

I have always admired John for his willingness to step in and assist defendants who need assistance with their cases. He advocates zealously for his own clients ensuring that their rights are protected. To be endorsed by John is truly an honor and a privilege.

Deshawn Watson Happy to announce that I fully endorse Caroline Pemberton. I appreciate her willingness to help others, share her personal time with them, and her passion for equality.

Frank Little

Very happy to Fully Endorse Caroline Pemberton. I have studied and watched actions of many others and can say I truly appreciate and respect the works of caroline pemberton. From picking up trash in the community to spending quality time with the elderly and veterans- She's definitely a genuine person.

Dr. Kim Soban

I have had the opportunity to work with Caroline in the courts since 2012. She has proven to be a woman who has integrity and a strong sense of fairness to all. She is an advocate for those who don’t have a voice as she has demonstrated in her work with the treatment courts. As a provider of treatment to clients in the court system and a former law enforcement officer, I whole heartedly endorse Caroline for district court judge and hope that you will give her your support as well.

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