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Serving The Community

Being a judge means more than just being active in the courtroom. A judge should also be active within the community on a continuous basis. Ms. Pemberton has been serving Guilford County citizens continuously not only as an Assistant District Attorney (13 years), and a Registered Nurse for over 28 years, but she also serves on the following committees and is a member of several organizations and will continue to do so whether or not she is elected. Guilford County Nursing Home Care Community Advisory Committee Guilford Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee Multi-Discilinary Team for Abuse/ Neglect of the Family Justice Center (MDT) Committee Juvenile Crime Prevention Committee Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Committee System of Care Committee NAACP- serves on the Heath Committee National Council of Negro Women League of Women Voters Democratic Women of Guilford County African American Caucus-Greensboro Greensboro Bar Association Guilford County Black Lawyers Association North Carolina Board of Nursing-active member.

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