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Support from the Community.

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

12/6/19: Campaign Trail. Passing out flyers and yard signs.

Within the last 3 weeks while traveling around Greensboro and High Point I met about 15 people whom I did not know, who greeted me by my name. When I asked how they knew me they said through FB. They all said they were praying for me and quite a few added "you have my vote."

I met this young man (left) at the A&T homecoming parade and we spoke very briefly. The next day he reached out to me on my website to say he wants to support and assist with my campaign. Thank you Malachi.

I met these ladies a few weeks ago and gave them some of my flyers. They told me they put them in their churches! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

She works at one of my favorite restaurants and we met today for the first time. She said she is going to vote for me because I look like I get things done! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

He wanted me to know I have his vote!

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