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When More Than Just (Legal) Experience Matters.

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Many people have asked me why they should vote for me. What makes me stand out from all the other candidates? My answer to these questions is, while all candidates have legal experience not many can say they have life experiences similar to those of the very people who are brought into the judicial system and susequently into their courtroom. Experiencing similar issues allows me to not only empathize but also to sympathize with the defendants who will come into my courtroom giving me a better understanding of their issues and how to handle their cases effectively and uniquely.

I am that victim who fled my home and State with my children to escape a verbally abusive relationship with eminent threats of physical violence including death, taking only our clothing and leaving behind our family, friends and belongings. I am that single mom who had to work with CPS and DHHS because of my undiscipline child and who now knows the importance of Juvenile court that provides great therapeutic services to children inorder to make them better adults. I am that single mother who had to petition for child support and truly understands what it means to raise a family on a single income without any financial assistance. I am that mom who stood by my teenage son when he was brought into the judicial system by his own actions, and truly understands the importance of him being treated FAIRLY and IMPARTIALLY and having his RIGHTS protected.

I am also that mom who wanted my son to be given a SECOND CHANCE and be allowed to re-enter his community in a positive manner after he had paid his debts to society.

I am that nurse who sits by your love one's bedside with compassion and a

listening ear offering comfort and inspiration as they battle life threatening illnesses. I am the caregiver to patients battling addictions and mental health disorders, and appreciates specialty courts like Drug Treatment and Mental Health for defendants battling these disorders. These and many other life experiences are what set me apart from other candidates and why you should vote for me, a candidate for when more than just (legal) experience matters.

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